Long gazing through Wyoming.

Cheyenne Mountain State Park was a welcoming and restful stop in Colorado Springs.

The morning of September 6 broke hard, clear, and cold as we headed north from Colorado Springs on the final leg of our trip to Wyoming.  Pikes Peak was dusted in snow from a brief encounter with winter, a prelude of things  to come.  At Fort Collins, we were at 5,000′ elevation but our ascent would continue as we headed north.  As I learned from John McPhee’s Rising from the Plains, southeast Wyoming is a tipping point of geological wonder, higher in elevation than the plains of Colorado to the immediate south and higher than the northern part of Wyoming. Continue reading

From Yellowstone National Park to Grand Teton National Park and the Triangle X.


From our family albums, our first trip with our two oldest granddaughters was 2006, when we took this photo of them at the iconic sign for the park.

For over thirty years, we have been visiting Yellowstone National Park during our trips to the Triangle X ranch.  Stories from our family history are often linked to our visits to Yellowstone.  The first trip Peter made with me was “the summer of the ’88 Yellowstone fire”.  Then, there was our first trip with our oldest two granddaughters when “we watched Old Faithful erupt multiple times (2006)”.  Or, the Wyoming trip “when we saw the frozen buffalo carcass” (winter 2009).  This year is the year “the south entrance was closed three times by fire”, also known as the Centennial Year. Continue reading