The new kids on the block at Koreshan State Historic Park.


We cross the Estero River as we walk from our Volunteer Village to work in the settlement.

Getting settled into the Volunteer Village is like moving into a neighborhood. Our new neighborhood is tucked along the Estero River and has just one street made of hard packed sand and crushed shells. A total of about twenty of us, living in RVs and travel trailers and 5th-wheelers, make up this temporary community of travelers volunteering at Koreshan State Historic Park in Estero, Florida. All were here when we arrived, making us the “new kids on the block”.

We were welcomed into the Village by the volunteer supervisor, Ron, and his warm and friendly wife, Joan. Our campsite is directly across from the bathrooms and showers, which is wonderfully convenient.  We discovered clotheslines for air-drying laundry, which presents the delightful prospect of sleeping on sheets that have dried in the generous Florida sun. Continue reading