If it’s Labor Day, this must be Kansas.

In Kansas, the wildflowers are in bloom in the Flint Hills.

On this Labor Day morning, we are heading west across Kansas where the early morning sun is chasing us, splashing its burnt orange light on the world.  We left New Hampshire August 22 which was six weeks to the day from Peter’s hip replacement surgery.  His recovery continues to amaze everyone, including his surgeon, and after years of chronic and increasing pain, he is reveling in the reality of being pain-free.  In light of the priorities for his recovery and healing, we did two major things before beginning our westward journey. Continue reading


Manhattan (Kansas) and two presidents.


Windfarms line the open prairies in Kansas.

Manhattan, Kansas was a neatly wrapped present whose contents, when opened, turned out to be a treasure. The heart-stopping natural beauty of places like Yosemite, and the Tetons, and Yellowstone are like the 1812 Overture of scenic beauty. But the miles of lush, rolling green grasslands around Manhattan, punctuated by the outcroppings of limestone of the Flint Hills were more like a Shaker hymn.

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