Adventures in paradise and various utopias. Part 1.

A visit to our friend Mark’s tiki bar which he constructed completely of repurposed materials. Wonderful!

On Sunday, we spent a glorious, lazy summer day with our friend Mark at his tiki bar, The Sunset Grill, on the shore of a lovely little lake in Brown County, Indiana.  The tiki bar is dedicated to a sense of escape from the ordinary and humdrum into a paradise that those of us of a certain age have populated with common, even if distinct, memories.  The tiki bars of our younger days often included a soundtrack of Jimmy Buffet songs, and a kitschy decor of fishnets and buoys and mermaids and drinks with paper parasols.  The paradise of the tiki bar is unrelated to anything historically accurate and more like an island nirvana straight out of the imagination. Continue reading

Collecting pottery shards of our pilgrim life.

Pottery shards in situ. Photo credits:

A fellow Airstreamer recently posted a blog (Life on the Blue Highways) with a picture of some pottery shards that he discovered in New Mexico.  These shards struck me as a metaphor for the past few days at Koreshan State Park.  Like the shards, each day offered some unique new element in the whole field of our lives here.


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One ghost walk away from leaving Florida.


In the Art Hall, three new settlement members hear some of the teachings from one of the leading women in the settlement.  Costumes and the acting are amazing!

After three months, this was our final Friday at Koreshan State Historic Site.  Today we leave (Saturday) and it is day two of the settlement’s annual Ghost Walk when the stories of the people who lived here come to life. For Ghost Walk, volunteers dress in period costumes and re-enact memorable events from the history of the settlement in the stories of the people who lived here.  In a series of skits, staged around the historic buildings, visitors get to eavesdrop on a conversation.  There is the interaction between some new members of the settlement who are learning about “The Master’s “ teachings.  Then there is an exchange between the founder, Dr. Cyrus Teed, (a.k.a. Koresh or Master), and the original homesteader of the land the settlement sits on. Continue reading