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img_5066We’re Peter Howe and Liz Brown and we’re on nearly three decades of marriage and year four of our continued pilgrimage across the United States in our Airstream. This blog will be a way to share what are we seeing, feeling, learning, and observing. We hope to capture in words and images some of the stories of the people we meet, the places we visit, the detail that makes a day particularly memorable.

Some of the details of our current trip:

  • We are traveling in a 2015 Ford150 with over 100,00 miles, and a full cap that currently carries our bikes, solar panels, generator, gas grill and screen house.  This summer (2018) the golf clubs found another home. We are towing our home on wheels, a 2015 Airstream Flying Cloud 25 with front bedroom. It is amazingly comfortable and beautiful to live in. Here’s a picture from our dining table looking out at the scenery, this is Montana, and the view changes all the time with this life! img_6109-1
  • We are planning to continue criss-crossing the country seeing as much as we can, volunteering in state parks when it feels right, meeting the amazing people who have crossed our paths, and continuing to treasure the visits with the dear friends, and family, all across this country who have so kindly opened their hearts and their homes (and driveways) to us.
  • Wherever possible, we are driving on “blue highways”, camping in state parks, national parks, national forests, and the great Army Corps of Engineers sites.  Once in awhile a commercial campground will be the only alternative, but it’s not our first choice.  So far, we have not had to spend the night in a Walmart or a Cracker Barrel lot.  img_7570
  • We try to stay a minimum of 3 nights but we haven’t been as good with that as we had hoped.  We are now onto year 3 of volunteering at Koreshan State Park in Estero, Florida where Peter is doing historic cooking and I am thrilled to be part of the team dedicated to telling more of the history of the women in the Settlement.
  • On the days we drive, we aim for 200 miles or 2:00pm, whichever comes first. We’ve found this pace will give us time to poke around the local area, enjoy the daily mid-day nap, find the great coffee shops, the library, bike trails, and laundromats.

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9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi, Liz and Peter! We are having a special Labor Day celebration at the lake to commemorate 100 years since Henry Brown bought the house. I would love to send you and Joshua invitations. Can you send me email addresses for the evites? Thanks!


  2. Liz, in Asheville, try to include Friday evening in your stay. One of the best Drum Circles we’ve participated in happens at Pritchard Park, in the center of downtown every Friday. We had to cancel our stop in early April due to 50 mph winds in our path. We hunkered down in Greenville, SC (also a lovely little city)…


  3. I’m excited to learn more about your travels! Thanks for sharing the link!
    Liz, I still recall our talk about the intersections of life, the cross, the journey–I am grateful for your kind counsel, as always!
    Best wishes,


  4. I didn’t recognize you Liz but I was attracted by the name of your blog so took a look. You have a couple of paintings that I did at the ranch in the Tetons. I am a close friend of Kathleen Sedehi. when you reach California on this fabulous adventure, you are warmly invited to visit and stay at my home in the Santa Cruz mountains. I have 20 acres between 800′ and 1300′ with 360 degree views. Please know that you are welcome. I have carried a fondness for you since we met — perhaps 10 years ago. Happy trails!!

    Joyce Converse


    • Yes, Joyce, I do remember our meeting at the ranch and we love your beautiful paintings. We are not yet sure about our time in CA but do know that we will be visiting Carol Martin, whom you also know. Thank you for your most generous offer and we will see where the winds carry us. Peace and all good things,



  5. This is George, Rubye and I will follow your adventure with GREAT INTEREST…A Blue Highways Adventure is also in our plans. Best wishes for a joyful ” flight”! Question: Is Asheville NC in your plan—Battery Park is extremely unique: look it up on the Net.


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