Grateful to be at Fort Desoto Park, Florida


The canopy of palms and live oaks, dripping with Spanish moss, keep T2 in the shade at our Fort Desoto campsite.

One of the mysteries we have observed is the way that time bends and twists and disappears on itself. For eight months, on our pilgrimage to here, we had anticipated our return trip to Fort Desoto Park, near St. Petersburg. And when we got here, the time just melted away.

It is a challenge to secure a site at this beautiful county park since residents of Pinellas county get to book one month in advance of the general public’s six month window. The miles of pristine beach, the glorious campsites along the bay, and the miles of paved bike trails mean there is a long line of people who are not county residents (including this blogger) who sit poised at their computers six months to the day that they are dreaming of returning.


Peter enjoys a quiet afternoon at our campsite at Fort Desoto.

Our favorite site is lovely. In fact, it was one of the images that we carried in our hearts when deciding to buy our front bedroom Airstream. “Imagine sitting at our breakfast table, having coffee, looking out on the view at Fort Desoto”, we had said to each other way back in March when we ordered the Airstream. Backing into this very site with its spectacular views, settled the floor plan questions and we have never looked back.


North Beach at Fort Desoto consistently ranks as one of the country’s most beautiful. No disagreement from us!

We were able to book one full week but had to move for the high demand five nights of Thanksgiving week since Pinellas residents had already locked up the place. The week we were there flew by. Yes, we rode bikes and went to the beach on two spectacular days. We ran the air conditioner more than we ever have during the humid and rainy four days that wove into the week. We set up general delivery for our important mail and essential packages at nearby St. Petersburg. Peter returned to his favorite AA meetings and reunited with old acquaintances. We were liberated from the mosquitoes. We were close enough to have lunch with my son. I found an Aveda Institute and snagged another great haircut by a master student.

We will get to return to Fort Desoto for six nights later this week. Right now, we are at Little Manatee River State Park, about 40 miles east of Fort Desoto, through Thanksgiving. It’s a small park (only 30 campsites) and very quiet. The weather has turned Florida perfect – sunny, cool, and not a cloud in the sky. This evening, I watched the moonrise from our table on a perfectly clear night.

Thanksgiving is just two days away, which means lots of granddaughters’ time. I am bursting with gratitude for all these deliciously wondrous things, including your willingness to come on along with us. Happy Thanksgiving to each of you.

Peter and Liz continue their pilgrimage to here, celebrating Thanksgiving in Florida, as they continue to travel the U.S. in their Airstream.


3 thoughts on “Grateful to be at Fort Desoto Park, Florida

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Peter in Florida land! How special that you can enjoy Josh and family while you are there! Gerry & I will be in Dunedin starting January 1 and would love to see you both if you are still around. ❤


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