Part 2. First the good news from Amarillo…

The sun rises first on the east side of Amarillo where we had spent the night as our pilgrimage to here continues. When I woke, my immediate thought was to call the nearer of the two Ford dealerships in town and see how fast we could be seen. The service manager, who answered the phone, turned out to be experienced in hauling trailers and reassuringly said to come on in at 8:00am, when the service department opened.

We said a reluctant “see you later” to our T2, now greeting the first day’s light in the fenced-in area of the parking lot. Morning light was no easier on the neighborhood. It turns out that the bigger part of the tow company’s business is answering police calls and towing and impounding cars from around the city. It was a rude awakening for our little T2 whose experience of campgrounds seemed rarified by comparison to this first night in Amarillo.

The Ford dealership was great and after about 90 minutes, they were able to diagnose the problem. There was good news and no-so-good news. In layman’s terms (and how I understand it) the system in truck that is supposed to tell the trailer brakes to lock or unlock, had failed. The not-so-good news is that the part we need is on back-order and is not due to ship until October 15 – six full days from when we got the news. Bottom line was we were looking at a full week in Amarillo since it is not safe to pull the trailer without its brakes.

This was one of those moments when I realized that we’re getting instruction in living and loving the life we’ve been given, rather than the life we had planned. In Oklahoma, no Tall Grass Prairie, no tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright Price Tower; in Arkansas, no tour of Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, no trip (second time we missed it!) to Little Rock and the Clinton Presidential Library.


Here’s our home in Amarillo.

There were new decisions to be made, including finding a campground for our time here in Amarillo, and arranging to get T2 towed AGAIN to the campground. And the biggest decision was what are we going to discover about Amarillo, so we asked the Ford service manager, “OK, what’s the must-see stuff in town?”

So, we got the list and here we go – one week in Amarillo. Fasten your seat belts!


Peter gets into some graffiti at Cadillac Ranch, the iconic public art in Amarillo. If you’ve been here, you probably know about it.

Peter and Liz are on a pilgrimage to here across the U.S. in their Airstream.


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