New Year’s Day

Sunrise, Victor, NY

We welcomed in the New Year at the home of our friends here in Victor, NY. We spent three nights with them, resting. These are what long distance hikers refer to as “zero days”, the days when you take time off the trail and don’t rack up any miles. Appropriately, our friends call their home “The Sanctuary” since it offers a respite for peace, grace, and healing.

Richard Rohr uses a term, “the force field of the Holy Spirit”, which I love and which so aptly captures the feeling of this place. Peter began the new year creating a temporary labyrinth in their back yard and it appears here, among other images, in the header for our blog.

Synchronicity: We closed on our house on December 29. The new owners of #4A are completely in love with it. As we were talking with them after the closing, we learned of a deeply significant, and powerfully timely connection between us. These owners, with long family ties to the Monadnock (that is New Hampshire) region, are very good friends with one of my Brown family nephews. This nephew, who is now 53, was 12 years old when I first came to Keene. So it was the sale of #4A, and its poignant leave-taking, that revealed a previously unseen connection, marked the passage of time in a remarkable new way, and reminded me of the mystery of grace. The Sufi poet Hafiz wrote, “What excitement will renew your body when we all begin to see that His heart resides in everything? God has a root in each act … that He draws His mysterious Divine life from”.

Even in this leave-taking, the promise of a light-filled new beginning is revealed. Tomorrow, we begin traveling south with a goal of covering about 300 miles a day. We will be spending one night each at hotels in Maryland, North Carolina, and South Carolina before arriving at our first campground on Monday, January 4.   We’ll be in touch and Happy New Year and blessings to you all.


3 thoughts on “New Year’s Day

  1. Happy New Year to our dear friends from your California buddies! Bon Voyage as you embark on your southward journey. May your wanderings be joyful! Sending you love and good wishes for smooth roads ahead.


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