Peter in our nearly empty house, Christmas 2014.

In the past couple of weeks, we have been emptying our house, which is scheduled to close on December 29, in preparation for the start of our six-month pilgrimage.  We have packed up 900 books from our library shelves at home and taken them to either the Keene Public Library or Homestead Used Books in nearby Marlboro.  The experience with the books is a metaphor for this time in our lives when we are learning how to travel lighter and with intention toward the absolutely essential.  Let me elaborate.

Each book had its own story, joining our lives at various times and all of those stories were grounded in the past.  The books were important, contributing to in some way to the people we are today, And now it is time to let them go. Hard to do?  Absolutely, for people like us who can’t travel for a weekend with fewer than 3 books and newspapers and a magazine or two and then acquiring one or two more along the way.

But now that we have created our stories about each of these books, they have more relationships to build, with new people not known to us.  Stephen King wrote (and I paraphrase here) that the written word crossed all time zones.  Think about that. When each page was written, it was done in the author’s present time which from our vantage point now, was some time in the past but the reader is encountering those same words in what is now present time.

Present time, and staying there has been one of the great instructions from the book packing, indeed from the entire experience of moving because we are learning that in the present moment we receive all the help we need.  There is no room for the regrets of the past or the anxiety about the future.  It is simply right there.

There is something completely right about launching this pilgrimage at this time of the year.


11 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. Hi Cousins, Bon Voyage to you both. I will be following your ramblings. Robert and I have removed to NYC and a down-sizing it is! With my crazy attachment to books, I couldn’t even understand Liz’s comments! Except I will be looking for yours at the Keene Libe Book Sale. What a good time I had there! Well, cool and quiet in NYC, at least in the Village. Love, love, love, Cousin Cyn


  2. You guys do things the right way! Wish I had thought of this fantastic journey you are both undertaking. And what perfect timing for such an exploration. Gerry and I will be traveling with you.


  3. This is a great way to keep us in touch and hear about your sights, insights, and out-of-sights! Keep the pictures coming, too, and safe travels. And as we chant in Kundalini yoga . . .

    May the long time sun shine around you
    All love surround you.
    And the pure light within
    Guide your way on.

    Betsy and Russ


  4. I am so excited about your new adventure- I can’t wait to share your pilgrimage and all the new discoveries and exciting people that you meet. What a bold and wonderful move for 2015. All my blessings and it will be fun to live vicariously through you and Peter.


  5. I look forward to every entry. I’m delighted you are going to be sharing this with us. As I type this I’m sitting in my office which is filled to overflowing with books and reflecting.


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